Why should Nuremberg be on your travel list?

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Nuremberg is the unofficial capital city of Bavaria, which has become a popular tourist destination in the past years due to its medieval atmosphere, unique architecture and historical past. Its development is not only due to these relevant facts, but also to its infrastructure and industry. It has been ages since the city was declared one of the biggest centers for precision engineering and this has favored a lot the tourist in the area. The local authorities have speculated their multiple resources and started to offer those who want to visit the area more and more facilities and accommodation options, such as Meistereck hotel. Even if Nuremberg is not a traditional touristic city, it is full of wonders and undiscovered beauties, its medieval atmosphere charming those who take time to visit it. People are welcoming, accommodation conditions are varied and qualitative, not to mention the landscapes created by the vicinity with the Alps, in the south, and the original architecture.


Where can you stay?

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Taking into consideration that only during winter holidays, more than two million international tourists visit the region of Bavaria, especially Nuremberg, accommodation options are extremely diverse – for any taste and budget. You can choose to book a room in a luxurious hotel, in case you are making a business trip, and you can rest assured for the whole travel. There are also other affordable hotels or hostels, which could be the ideal choice for group or family holidays.  Another alternative is the B&B (bed and breakfast) – this involves that you will have a place to sleep and to take breakfast, allowing you to have the rest of the day free and organize your schedule however you want. This type of accommodation is maybe the most affordable and is offered by private providers, most of the times families that are hosting tourists for a short period of time.


What should you see?

If you reach the area, there are some attractions that you should not miss under any circumstances. In case you are in Nuremberd during the winter holidays, make sure you attend the Christmas market – one of the most iconic events happening in Europe during the season. The National Germanic Museum and the Nuremberg Castle are some of the most popular places people visit in the city, and this is mostly due to their rich cultural background and amazing architecture. The castle, a previous medieval fortress, is now a youth hostel and its tower offers tourists an incredible view of the city.