What Should Your Air Travel Insurance Cover?

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Smart travelers knows that after they’ve planed many details for their upcoming trip, they also need purchase an air travel insurance. When it comes to traveling, you can always expect the unexpected and by simply boarding a flight you expose yourself to many risks. Although the airline might cover you in case of a lost luggage, only a comprehensive air travel insurance policy will protect you in the event of something big, such as an accident or catastrophe. Before you purchase flight insurance, make sure it covers the following situations:
What Should Your Air Travel Insurance Cover? What Should Your Air Travel Insurance Cover? Picture

Lost, damaged, stolen or delayed baggage

A good air travel insurance must be able to reimburse you in case your baggage gets lost, stolen, damaged or delayed. Although airlines are legally required to reimburse you, they have limitations. If you carry valuable items you can purchase additional cover and in the event of a claim, the insurer will pay the current value of the item. You just need to specify the details of the valuables such as age, model, value and make. Jewelry and electronics such as laptops, video camera, iPads and mobile phones are the items most targeted by thieves.


Nobody gets on a plane thinking that an accident will happen, but there is always a risk involved. Your air travel insurance should be able to cover accidental death and dismemberment so your family will be protected in case you prematurely die or become disabled. The insurance company will pay you or your direct beneficiary a lump sum benefit that you establish before buying air travel insurance. Even if the insurance benefit won’t replace you, you will have peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of.

Airlines that go out of business

In case your airline goes out of business while on holiday, some airlines, for example those protected by the ATOL scheme, will arrange a refund and take responsibility for binging you home. However, not all scheduled-airline tickets are covered and the passengers have automatic protection only if they paid for the flight via a credit card. In this situation you can claim a fare back form the company but you will have to buy a new ticket which can be quite expensive. An air travel insurance can fully reimburse you and make sure you arrive home safely.

Flight delays, cancellations and interruptions

If a delayed or canceled flight causes you to miss a connection and the next flight is in two days, your air travel insurance company will be able to compensate you. The airline will only pay out if the delay was something within its control. Weather related delays are technically not their problem. In case you are accidentally bumped off the flight because of a computer error, the airline will only pay for reasonable incidental expenses and in some cases for a small compensation between €125 and €600.