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It does not matter why you are visiting Manchester, you may do it because you may want to have a glimpse of their culture, or because you may want to find out more about the city history, or you may visit it because you may have heard how much fun you can have while being here. You will soon discover that there are numerous activities to do while being here, and even more things to see. People here organise regularly music concerts in ancient houses, offer culture lessons in museums and spend time with their friends when walking their dog. Activities are diverse, and according to your interests you will have to filter the opportunities and see which one of them sounds appealing to you. It is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life.

What can you see and do in Manchester

Visit the Museum of Science and Industry

This museum is located at the old Liverpool ST Station, the oldest rail terminus in the world. Here you can see one of the most exquisite collection of locomotives and steam engines. It does not matter if you are a solo traveller, or you visit Manchester together with your family, you can visit this museum, because people of all ages have something to see there.

Have a look at Victoria Baths

If you want to have a glimpse of the grandeur of the Victorian Age, then you should not forget to put on your list the Victoria Baths. The pools were restored and their décor is simply breath-taking.

Do not skip the Football Museum

If you are passionate about football then you can start with a Helicopter Tour Over the Manchester City Football Club Stadium – The Etihad and continue with a visit to the National Football Museum. Both the team of City and the team of United offer tours and you even have the possibility to check some behind the scene opportunities. Make sure you do not spend all your money buying things from their stores.

Get lost in libraries

If you are the type of person who does not leave the house before placing a book in their bag, then you should make a map of Manchester’s libraries and visit them all. In Chetham it is the oldest surviving library in the English speaking world, so you can start with this one. The Central Library is also impressive and you should not skip from your list the Victorian Gothic John Rylands Library.

Go to Chinatown

Do you want to spend all your money in a single day in Manchester? Then go to Chinatown. It is Europe’s largest Chinatown, and you will find here supermarkets, restaurants and even businesses. You will see it from a couple of yards away, because the Chinese gate is there to welcome you. You can spend here your entire day, because you have where to shop, where to eat and where to spend activities similar to the ones from the Eastern countries. Visit Chinatown first and while you take the lunch you can decide your further activities.