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When visiting another country, most people stick to its capital or main cities. However, tourists have many other places that they can visit, but they only need some information about the most interesting places in that specific country. One good place to visit this year is Portugal. People should know that besides Lisbon, places as Algarve for instance should go on their visit list too. For this reason, you should start looking for villas in Portugal Algarve, because the moment you see a glimpse of this place, you will immediately fall in love with it and want to stay more. Other interesting places in Portugal are presented below.

Visit list four the most popular places in Portugal


This region is the southernmost one in Portugal. It has become famous for its breath-taking landscapes and beautiful beaches. It has millions of visitors every year, making it one of the most common choice people make when it comes to visiting Portugal. The climate is sunny Mediterranean, which makes it the perfect place for tranquil and unforgettable travel. People can visit various cities in this region and can delight themselves with historic architecture. This region is like a goldmine for architecture aficionados, because the entire area is peppered with various Roman ruins, which take you to times that are long gone.


Even though the Archipelago of Azores is located hundreds of kilometres offshore, this does not mean that the region does not gain millions of tourists annually. Nine volcanic islands compose this archipelago that offers anyone a life-time experience. The moment you see yourself on one of these islands, you get the sensation that you have arrived at the end of the Earth, because there is nothing but ocean that surrounds you. Each island offers a certain type of experience, because it has its own identity. Its beauty will definitely fascinate you, whether you choose “The Green Island”, Pico, or any other island of this archipelago.


Porto is the second largest city Portugal has and it should go on your visit list without doubt. It is also one of the oldest cities in Europe, which will amaze you with its richness in history and culture. There are many tourist attractions worth visiting in Porto, and some good examples are Vila Nova de Gaia, Ribeira, or Palacio da Bolsa. You can resort to walking tours in order to make sure nothing escapes your eye and you get the most out of this region, not to mention that most tourist attraction are located close to one another.


Madeira has gained its name of “Floating Garden of the Atlantic” due to its outstanding landscapes. This fertile oasis is located somewhere between North Africa and Portugal and is well-known for its wealth in green landscapes, wines and flower gardens. It is the paradise-on-Earth for those who are passionate about flowers, because they can visit the Orchid Garden or the Laurissilva Forest. Those who are more into history should know that this region hosts numerous fortresses and historic churches that are worth visiting.

As a result, you should not waste any more time and look for accommodation places in Portugal. Begin your experience right away.