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If you are planning a trip to Australia, make sure that you get travel insurance coverage to protect you form any unforeseeable events that may happen during your holiday. Because this country is an excellent place for adventure, the travel insurance Australia trips require can be quite extensive. You can go camping in a park, drive across the country and diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Regardless of what you chose to do, exposing yourself to risks can result in hefty hospital bills, lost luggage and no emergency assistance in a foreign land.

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There are many types of insurance you can choose, depending on who you travel with. A single cover policy can provide protection for you and you dependant children or grandchildren under 21, if they are listed on the certificate. A family plan is the best travel insurance Australia family vacations require because it covers you and your spouse, children, legally recognized de facto and grandchildren. If you are traveling with a companion, a duo cover is the best option, although it does not cover dependant children.

Because the excitement of visiting Australia should not be spoiled by missed flights, stolen camping equipment or lost luggage, purchasing a travel insurance policy is a wise thing to do. Depending on what you plan to do, you can opt for a single trip insurance that is best for short trips, or a gap year insurance if you need more time to fully explore the country. A backpackers travel insurance Australia campers need is more specialized and will protect their equipment for an extensive period of time. If you plan to do riskier activities, make sure your insurance has this option.

A good travel insurance should have adequate medial insurance with protection for illness, injury, emergency evacuation, pre-existing conditions and dental emergencies. It should also provide coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, lost, damaged or delayed baggage and delays in travel schedule. If you are looking for more adventure, check if the policy covers mountain climbing, bungee jumping and other activities you plan to do on your trip.

If you are from the UK, you do not need health insurance because you are covered by the reciprocal agreement between the 2 countries. The Australian Government has agreements with the UK, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Malta, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland. This means that Australian resident can get help with the cost of essential medical treatment in these countries and they also can get essential medical treatment in Australia. Visitors from Belgium need their European Health Insurance card to enroll in Medicare. However, if you have a pre-existing condition or plan on doing high-risk activities, an additional insurance policy is necessary.