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A holiday travel insurance is essential for any trip, because it covers cancellation and curtailment, an injury or sudden illness, lost and stolen possessions, high risk activities and 24-hour emergency service. Many people take the easy option and buy through a travel agent, no-frills airline websites or sign up for the insurance package offered by the tour operator. Besides spending more money, they also risk buying a mediocre policy with insufficient coverage. Before making a decision about your holiday travel insurance, consider these useful tips:

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  • Check if something is already covered by a personal insurance policy

Before you purchase a holiday travel insurance, check if you have a pre-existing policy that covers some of your needs. For example, a home policy sometimes includes coverage for personal possessions when away from home. This way you can opt out baggage cover from the travel insurance and get a better price. An existing credit card or current account can have travel insurance. However, check if the amount is enough to cover your needs because this type of policy is usually very basic.

  • Decide on the insurance coverage

Before searching for deals on comparison sites, decide on the insurance coverage you need. If you are taking you iPad with you, a 15$ cheap one-week cover is useless if it has a single item limit of 300$ and a small excess. A holiday insurance policy should cover medical expenses of at least 3000$ for Europe trips, 7000$ worldwide, 2000$ for baggage or belongings and at least 4000$ for cancellation.

  • Annual insurance

An annual holiday travel insurance is the best option for those who travel more than three times a year, due to the fact that it covers the entire year for a single fee. Choosing an annual policy is less expensive than purchasing single-trip policies. However, this type of insurance does not cover backpackers who have extended trips. It usually provided protection for maximum 31 days.

  • The EHIC card

If you have dual citizenship with the US and a country in the EEA or live in the European Union (EU), get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card gives you access to free or reduced cost healthcare in EU countries and also in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Moreover, some holiday travel insurance policies will wave the excess if you use the card to get medical treatment in the EU. The EHIC card is valid for five years and you only need to pick up an application form and supply your surname, forename, NHS or national insurance number and date of birth.