Things you did not know about London

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London is definitely one of the best known cities in the world, having a great history and an impressive cultural background. For this reason, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the globe. The capital city of the United Kingdom is a brilliant place to visit especially during summer, which is why it receives annually millions of international tourists. The entire city is full of monuments and attractions, being the perfect combination between traditionalism and modernity. From the legendary black cabbie to the majestic Big Ben, everything will make you think you are in one of the most elegant places on earth, which is actually true. London is not prestigious only because of its architecture, since there are many other things you can experience if you choose to visit or even live in this city. Here are some of its particularities, less known by the public:

Things you did not know about London

London is a great academic hub

When you think about UK universities, the first names that come to your mind are probably Oxford and Cambridge. And for good reason since these are two of the most famous and reliable educational institutions in the world. However, Britain has many other prestigious academies, and a great part of them are based in the UK capital. London has been ranked as the fifth best student city in the world, having two universities within the global top 10. What is actually great about this place is its huge diversity: there are about 300 different languages spoken by students and professions. In addition to this, to complete the excellent experience of those who choose to continue their studies here, there are plenty of accommodation options, such as student housing Chelsea, providing easy access and high comfort.

The smallest police station is hidden in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square, one of the most popular landmarks of London, seems to be the place where you are going to find the smallest police station in the capital city. If you stop by to enjoy the delightful atmosphere that surrounds the beautiful fountain, look for a small black cabin that looks like a round lamp. Although overlooked by most tourists, this tiny building hides a minuscule room where you are likely to find a policeman. Initially, the station was used to monitor passers-by, but today it is just a storage unit for the council’s guard.

The majestic Houses of Parliament were built on an island

At first glance, the Houses of Parliament seem to be surrounded by water, and this is partially true. Probably the most reputable landmark of London, situated on the Thames bank, sits on an island. The Thorney Island was formed by a loop between the Thames and the Tyburn Rivers, before the water level rose and the region became a construction site. Even if the land disappeared long time ago, its name was kept by the Thorney Street, also known as “the terrible place”.