Taking a look at the most prevailing travel insurance misconceptions

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If you’re planning on taking a trip to Florida or Mexico, you’ve got no choice but to get travel insurance. When travelling abroad, you need protection in case something happens. Unexpected events can include everything from becoming ill to losing your luggage. The whole point of a cover policy is to minimize pocket losses when voyaging. The problem is that there are a number of misconceptions concerning travel insurance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, considering that people don’t even take the time to inform themselves. Let’s look at the most common misunderstandings.

Taking a look at the most prevailing travel insurance misconceptions

I don’t need travel insurance if I’m a Canadian heading south

Travel insurance is necessary, no matter if you’re voyaging in the winter or in the summer. If you’re a Canadian, things are a little bit more complicated. Let’s just say that you’re a Canadian who is interested in travelling south this winter, to the US. What you should do is get Snowbird travel insurance. This cover policy is designed specifically for the elderly who are seeking to have a good time on a tropical beach. The insurance plan protects them in the event of medical emergencies. Even if you have a health card, you’re not fully covered and you should take into account the possibility of purchasing travel insurance.

Travel insurance is health insurance

People most commonly mistake travel insurance with health insurance, not knowing that they are two very distinct things. It’s true that a cover policy is intended for medical expenses, but this doesn’t mean that it’s all that it covers. Travel insurance is a complex product, created so as to minimize financial risks related to travelling. Whether you get sick, your trip is cancelled, or you’re evacuated from a city, you’re safe from a financial standpoint.

I can forget all about applying for a super visa insurance

Imagine the following situation: your kids are living in Canada and you would like to pay them a visit. Parents as well as grandparents visiting Canada can benefit greatly from super visa insurance. This type of policy is valid for an entire year, including things like hospitalization costs and repatriation costs. In order to apply for a super visa, you have to provide proof that your children are residents of the country and that they are willing to offer you financial support. Moreover, it’s necessary to go through a medical exam.

I don’t have to say anything about my pre-existing conditions

If you didn’t know it by now, you can’t fool the insurance company. Even if you don’t disclose your medical condition, the organization will find out eventually. For instance, if you get treatment while you’re abroad, the insurer is notified and your cover plan is cancelled. The point is that it’s best to tell the truth. Otherwise, you’ll end up footing the bill.

My credit card offers me all the protection I need  

Having one or more credit cards doesn’t provide you peace of mind. This isn’t to say that a credit card doesn’t offer you no protection, just that it’s not enough. Medical bills or stolen luggage can easily determine you to max out the credit card, and what will you do with no money left? The best thing you can do is buy travel insurance.