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If you are heading off to the mountains, ski travel insurance is indispensable. The figures are terrifying for those who take their chances on the slopes without proper insurance. From helicopter mountain rescue to medical treatment and flying you back home, the sum can reach more than $20,000. Furthermore, your bank account insurance or an annual travel insurance that doesn’t include winter sports will not cover you.

Ski Travel Insurance Ski Travel Insurance
  • Why do I need insurance?

Even if you are a resident of a European country, the free European Health Insurance Card will not pay to get you off the mountain or transport you to the nearest hospital. It does not cover medical treatment, cancellation or lost baggage. It is important to purchase ski travel insurance, separate or included in your holiday insurance package. Make sure you check the small print and cover levels to see if the policy meets all your needs and that the cancellation is greater or at least equal to the cost of your trip and it included pre-booked equipment. Buying a dirt cheap policy just to save $10 is not a wise decision and you can end up regretting it.

  • What should it cover?

In order to be properly covered for winter sports, you must select the most suitable plan or adventure sport upgrade when you buy an insurance policy. The plan must include emergency medical treatment, ambulance transportation and air evacuation to the nearest medical facility. However, ski travel insurance will not cover the equipment while you are using it, leave it unattended or forget it in a place where the general public has access. The gear is insured only if it is stolen from an official resort storage where you’ve checked it in and received a receipt.

  • Exclusions

Ski travel insurance does not offer coverage if you willfully expose yourself to risks such as cliff drops or you are in a race or competition. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and get injured, insurers can refuse to pay out. Ski insurers also recommend policyholders to wear helmets and keep a note of emergency numbers and your travel policy number on you. Moreover, if you fail to respect the local rules and have an accident, your claim can be invalidated.

  • Tips to remember

Another important thing you must keep in mind is to check if your cover is comprehensive enough for problems such as additional accommodation or delayed departure, especially if you did not book through a tour operator and arranged the trip on your own. When you are purchasing an annual policy, make sure it doesn’t have a limit on the ski travel insurance. Some providers can restrict it for a specific period, for example 14 days per year.