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Taking a vacation represents the most beneficial decision for your health and entertainment because you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons, find your peace of mind, discover different cultures and meet new people. Finding the perfect destination that does not require a great amount of money probably represents one of the main goals of people that are trying to plan a vacation. Fortunately, with the Thomson Holidays Voucher code, you can benefit from less expensive hotels, transportation and more without having to give up to a quality vacation. In addition, looking for cheap destinations will definitely help you keep in control your financial status while glutting your eyes with the views, taking a delight in specific dishes, engaging in challenging and interesting activities and indulging in the pleasures of life.

Popular and cheap destinations around the world


The first destination on the list has to be Greece because it offers you the opportunity of enjoying wonderful beaches, great weather, not to mention about the visually attracting and colorful architecture. You can actually admire the waters from the window of your room. Because Greece has been seriously affected by the financial crisis many years ago, the prices have dropped considerably and even though locals are not very happy regarding this aspect, it represents a great advantage for travelers. You can choose from different islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Ios and Skiathos.

Cape Town

Situated in South Africa, Cape Town is the next most popular and cheap destination because it offers you many benefits including safaris, excellent sceneries and a combination of cultures, namely African and European, among others. Indeed, it takes a long time to get there, but once you find yourself in the middle of Kirstenboch Gardens, picturesque communities, beachfront bars and adorable penguins strolling along the blue water, you will immediately forget everything else. Moreover, you will be able to remove the stress accumulated throughout working days and increase your creativity and productivity.


Not only it represents a budget-friendly destination, but also India has the Himalayas, which makes it the perfect choice for spiritual people that practice yoga and meditate. You will be overwhelmed by the countless options in terms of places, activities, sceneries and food.   We have to mention the Taj Mahal because it is one of the most beautiful and popular building in the world, the vegan and cheap food, the resurgent art and the lavish temples in Delhi. Even more, an excursion through the national parks will allow you to observe the wildlife.


If you want to explore South America, Colombia is the perfect place to start. You can make a bucket list with the most eye-catching sites and crazy activities because you will be very busy when you get there. From old towns, ports, beaches, cathedrals and parks, you have the possibility of testing your limits. The sightseeing excursions in Bogota can help you become familiar with the restaurants, breweries, the street art and architecture.  If you are an active person, you can definitely do extreme sports or learn salsa and join the enormous carnival in Barranquilla.