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Do you plan to take your children on your holiday in Naples? In this case, your main worry might be that the city is too old and formal for children. Well, you should know that the Latin name of the city, “Neapolis” means “new city”, and the majority of people who come here are surprised by the amazing experience they have when visiting the surroundings. It will not take long for your kids to see that Naples is a wonderful destination, and they will definitely enjoy the experience. If you consider that it is not suitable to stay in Naples during night, you can opt for accommodation in Fiumicino and book in time transport Fiumicino Napoli, because there are multiple options, and you want to be sure that you choose the right one for your children. Do a thorough research before, and book transportation, because this aspect will influence the quality of your holiday.

Places to visit when going to Naples with kids

Start with Città della Scienza

You should start the tour with this place, because in this way you will teach your children how important is to help at the restoration of a historic museum. The little ones will have an amazing experience exploring the City of Science that is still recovering after the arson attack that has taken place in 2013. They will understand that with the money they pay for the entering fee they can help at the museum’s rebuilding. Also, they can visit the planetarium, small exhibits, educational garden, agricultural exhibit and volcanoes exhibit from the museum along Via Coroglio.

Eat pizza at Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba

Let’s face it! Children just love pizza, and you should teach your little ones that modern pizza traces its roots right to Naples. So what better place to take your children, and teach them this lesson would be, than to one of the best pizzerias from town? This one is considered the first ever pizzeria in the whole world, so they will have something to be proud with when they will come home. And where you count that their ovens are lined with lava rocks from the Mount Vesuvius.

Take them to see the remains of the public baths in Pompeii

If you want to teach your kids a history lesson, then you should tell them about the ancient Roman towns Herculaneum and Pompeii that were buried during the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius. Later the cities were excavated and now they offer a glimpse of the roman life from the first century. They will admire the villas, houses, walk down the streets, and see the remains of the temples. Through this experience they can make an image of the way the Roman cities looked like.

Explore the virtual Pompeii

Children just love technology, so you should take them to the Virtual Pompeii exhibition. It is located near the Pompeii ruins, and it features a 3D projection room. The children can see the virtual reconstruction of the town before the volcano erupted. You can be sure that your kids will have a wonderful experience. Also, they can take part at handcrafting-making techniques that show people how objects are excavated from the site.