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Travelling is not just about getting to know the world. Contrary to what some might believe, exotic destinations are not the only thing in travelling. They might capture the eye faster than others, but that certainly does not mean that they are better. Sometimes, you just want to relax nothing more. You want to go in a location, look left and right and as far as the eye can see, and nothing but peace and quiet should be laying in front of you. For this kind of trip, you should first locate the right location. You needn’t look at size or complicated travel guides. Just ask yourself two questions: which country you plan to visit and if the destination should be located by the sea or by mountain. If you have answered UK seaside, the here is an option you should definitely try. Peacehaven is exactly what it leads to believe. This is a heaven, a relaxing ad peaceful heaven where you will forget all about your problems and enjoy a bit of the good life. Here are a few facts about this city.

Peacehaven- the perfect location to relax

Transport made easy


Sometimes, when you are thinking about remote travelling destination, one of your biggest concerns is transport. It is true that you don’t exactly plan to visit museums all day long, but staying locked up in the hotel all day long isn’t exactly an option. The great thing about this small UK seaside city is that you have plenty of transport alternatives you can definitely use. For instance, you could easily find accessible local taxis in Peacehaven. Get to the destination of your choice and you won’t have to pay a fortune. Plus, this service becomes really helpful when having to get to and from the airport. Public transport is another option and if the weather is good, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use the bike.


Such peace


Once you’ve decided that you need such a travelling experience instead of choosing a busy city, with lots to see, it means that you are tired. You are tired, stressed out and all you want to do is relax. Peacehaven is exactly he location for this, because it is so incredibly quiet and the loudest things you will be hearing are the waves crushing into the stone. Here, in this location you can meet the white English cliffs that have made this country hugely popular. Plus, when you are in need of a bit of excitement, you can go ahead and search for fossils, in groups, alongside other enthusiast such as yourself.


A cottage near the sea


You know what is great about this type of travelling? You can actually rent a small cottage located near the sea and enjoy the amazing scenery. Savour a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, while looking at the restless waves. Hide from the rain on your porch and when it stops for a moment, you can go and sink those rubber boots just a bit in the water. This is the detail that will make your trip truly unforgettable. Plus, once you have stayed in a cottage, you won’t want to go to a hotel anytime soon.