Either you are planning a trip around the globe, a family holiday in the USA or a backpacking trip through Europe, here you will learn everything you need to know about travel insurance and other related maters such as coverage limits, exclusions and claiming.
Either you are planning a trip around the globe, a family holiday in the USA or a backpacking trip through Europe, here you will learn everything you need to know about travel insurance and other related maters such as coverage limits, exclusions and claiming.

Do I Need Europe Travel Insurance?

The place you intend to travel to has an impact on the type of holiday travel insurance you need. Travelers who only wish to travel in European countries can purchase a Europe travel insurance policy that covers them in case of an unexpected event.

5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Trailer Insurance

Travel trailer insurance, also called auto trailer insurance is a specialized plan that usually includes emergency assistance and may cover travel expenses or temporary housing in case your trailer needs repairs. Here are 5 reasons why you need it.

The Importance of Backpacking Travel Insurance

Most backpackers travel on a shoe string budget through many countries and for extended periods of time. Even if you believe that an insurance policy is something you can do without, when you are traveling overseas for so long the risks for unforeseen events greatly increase.

How Much Does Travel insurance Cost?

A comprehensive travel insurance package will provide coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, medical expenses, loss of baggage and belongings and emergency evacuation. However, each optional coverage will affect the price, as well as your age and health status.

Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

This question pops up in the minds of most travelers before they book a flight or confirm their hotel room. If you are asking yourself ‘Should I buy travel insurance?’, you should not rely solely on your instinct when you come up with an answer.

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Either you are planning a trip or expecting family or friends from outside the country, you must be aware that travel insurance for visitors to Canada is essential and can spare significant out-of-pocket expenses if an unexpected event occurs. The type of insurance you select depends on who you travel with, the length of your stay and the types of activities you want to do.

What is a Student Travel Insurance?

Traveling or studying abroad in a foreign land involves many risks. A basic student travel insurance provides accident and medical coverage in a foreign country. However, some policies cover much more and most time a separate insurance with medical coverage is required.

Multi Trip Travel Insurance for Frequent Travelers

Whatever reason you have to travel, for leisure or international business, complications and emergencies such as illness, natural disasters and lost luggage may happen. A multi trip travel insurance can offer coverage for those unpredictable events that can seriously affect your budget.

Travel Insurance Australia Holidays Require

The travel insurance Australia trips require can be quite extensive because this country is an excellent place for adventure. Regardless of what you chose to do, exposing yourself to risks can result in hefty hospital bills, lost luggage and no emergency assistance in a foreign land.

5 Situations Your Holiday Travel Insurance Does Not Cover

Without a holiday travel insurance, outpatient care in a foreign country can burn a big hole in your travel budget. However, insurance is useful only if it pays out when you need it. Because there are many reasons why your claim might fall, you must make sure the forms are correctly completed.

Ski Travel Insurance

If you are heading off to the mountains, ski travel insurance is indispensable. The figures are terrifying for those who take their chance on the slopes without proper insurance. From helicopter mountain rescue to medical treatment and flying you back home, the sum can reach even $20,000.

The Difference Between Travel & International Travel Insurance

Either you are planning to move to a foreign country or just want to go away for the weekend, you will need to make preparations in case of an unexpected event that requires medical attention. Before you decide to purchase a policy, you should be aware of the difference between travel and international travel insurance.

Tips for Buying Cheap Holiday Travel Insurance

A holiday travel insurance is an essential for any trip, because it covers cancellation and curtailment, an injury or sudden illness, lost and stolen possessions and high risk activities. Many people who take the easy option and buy through a travel agent, no-frills airline websites or sign up for the insurance package offered by the tour operator risk buying a more expensive mediocre policy.

What is worldwide travel insurance?

If you are planning a trip around the globe, backpacking through Europe or a family holiday in the USA, it is wise to purchase a worldwide travel insurance that will cover your unexpected costs in case of lost luggage or personal belongings, winter sports, medical treatment, flight cancellations and delays.

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual travel insurance is tailored for the needs of the frequent traveler and covers both long and short trips. This policy is ideal for those who want the freedom to travel anywhere in the world without having to worry about unpredictable events. If you are planning to travel several times during the year, an annual insurance can save you a substantial amount of money.

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