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Whatever reason you have to travel, for leisure or international business, complications and emergencies such as illness, natural disasters and lost luggage may happen. If your mom like to travel a lot or you know she does so for business, then getting her travel insurance as a Mother’s Day gift is very wise. Although the word insurance doesn’t quite say gift or special occasion, if you come to think about it, it’s useful, thoughtful and very practical. And you can just place it in the funny gifts for mombox. A multi trip travel insurance can offer coverage for those unpredictable events that can seriously affect your budget. This annual policy is economical and more convenient for the frequent travelers.

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  • Who can buy multi trip travel insurance?

Frequent travelers such as academics and business owners can save both time and money with a multi trip travel insurance. When you travel regularly for study or work, researching insurance policies for each trip is difficult. A single plan with a consistent coverage that protects you all year long is the best option. Active, traveling retirees can also benefit from this type of coverage. Some seniors have waited all their lives for the retirement and put many trips on the schedule. Writers and journalist are often frequent travelers. Many times they have to travel at the last minute and don’t have time to purchase a policy that they fully understand. An annual travel insurance provides the same coverage all year round so they know what to expect.

  • Benefits

Besides the convenience and economy of a multi trip travel insurance policy, you benefit from worldwide protection and immediate service if you require it. This plan is the perfect solution for covering travel delays, baggage loss and emergencies regardless of your reason to travel. Annual policies are cost-effective because the coverage for cancellation is limited or not included, although some plans offer this coverage for an extra fee. Most plans cost a couple hundred dollars per year and also take age into account. With a multi trip travel insurance, you only have one policy to read and understand and only one number to call in case you require assistance. If you do buy this insurance for your mom, this will definitely be highly convenient for her and, if something does happen, it will definitely not seem as part of the funny gifts for mom set.

  • Coverage

An annual multi trip travel insurance provides coverage for emergency dental and medical care, including prescription drugs, emergency medical transportation, office visits, surgery and hospital visits. Most plans also reimburse you for unexpected meals, lodging and transportation costs in case your travel is canceled or delayed. Damaged, delayed, stolen or lost personal effects and baggage are covered whether they are destroyed or lost by a taxi driver, airline or hotel employee. In case you are hospitalized, your dependent children will be flown home with a chaperone if necessary. Bedside visits are also covered and some plans include car rental collision and pre-existing medical conditions coverage.