Is travel insurance really necessary?

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Even though travel insurance has been around for many, many years, there are still numerous travelers who don’t consider it worth it or necessary and always tick the “Decline Insurance” box. However, the numbers don’t lie and statistics show an increasing number of people who were impacted by natural disasters or world events when traveling over the last couple of years, as well as increased expenses for medical care out of the country. Of course, there are many factors to take into account when trying to assess the necessity or worth of the travel insurance, such as the type of activities you are planning to do when you’re away, as some of them may present a higher injury risk, such as skiing or snowboarding. But even if you go on a business trip to Ottawa, for instance, you may still experience health issues that might require medical attention.

Is travel insurance really necessary

When it comes to the importance or indispensability of the travel insurance, it’s not just about the injuries that you may suffer while skiing or bungee jumping on vacation or the accidents that you might get involved in, whether you hire Ottawa limo services or rent a car, but it’s also about preexisting health conditions. Few people know that if they buy the insurance policy at the same time they make the first payment fro the trip, then the policy also covers any preexisting health condition. In addition, they are many types of travel insurance, covering various features or situations, so you might benefit from other reimbursements as well. For instance, you might find yourself in the situation of cutting your trip short or canceling it altogether because one of your travel companions or a family member becomes ill. If you spent a lot of money on that trip and every night makes a difference, then there are some travel insurance policies that will reimburse you for that trip or part of the trip.


The bottom line is that, even if you are traveling for business or you are planning on just sitting on a beach, relaxing, no risky adventures or extreme sports, you still never know what’s going to hit you and when you are out of the country, medical expenses or transportation back home can be incredibly costly, so yes, travel insurance really is necessary or, better said, it is worth it. With the wide variety of policies and types of protection offered, you will even have plenty of options to choose from, so that you can be sure to purchase a suitable insurance for your needs and trip. You can either choose your own policy or buy the one provided by the tour operator or the travel agency. Just make sure you read its terms and conditions to see if it’s what you need.