Insure your car before travelling to Mexico

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If you plan to travel to Mexico, then you might have planned everything. People usually book the hotel and restaurants ahead, but they do not check the paperwork, when it comes to travelling by car. If you plan to travel by car, then you should check the requirements of driving a car in Mexico, because you should make sure that you do not have legal issues. The majority of people ignore getting insurance when they travel by car, because they do not consider very important this aspect. People prefer to not get the insurance, because they think that they will only have to pay a small fine to the police officers, and they will have no issues travelling Mexico. Well, you should know that when it comes to Mexico, this is not the case, if you are not properly covered, then you will not be able to enjoy your holiday.

Insure your car before travelling to Mexico

It is essential to have insurance when travelling to Mexico

If you buy a Porsche Cayenne from Edmunds then you should check the sum you will have to pay for insuring it. To this sum you will have to add the taxes you will have to pay if you want to travel to Mexico, because the insurance you have at home might not cover you when you travel abroad. If you do not insure your car, and you take it on your holiday, then you can face confiscation of the car and great fines. There are cases when drivers even receive jail time if they are found at fault.

You cannot use your US policy in Mexico

The majority of people have the misconception that they can use the insurance policy they have at home, when they travel abroad. The fact is that this insurance is not admitted by the Mexico state, and you will have to check the options you have. You should buy insurance coverage from a provider registered by the Mexican authorities. Mexican police officers do not recognize insurance companies from your country, as your country does not recognize the providers from another state. When you buy a car insurance, you should ask the provider what states recognize it, and if they could recommend you a provider in Mexico. There are providers that can offer insurance policies that include Mexico, but they have limited coverage, and you should check if you can use it, or you should by another one.