How to plan a kid-friendly family vacation in Bristol

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Once your children are old enough to travel, your family holidays will never be the same. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have as much fun compared to travelling alone or with your partner, but you will have to change your criteria when choosing destinations, accommodation and activities. Travelling with children requires more responsibility, so you’ll have to make bookings more wisely and raise quality standards. Bristol is one of the locations that fortunately has plenty of family-friendly tourist attractions, so here are the points you’ll need to check on your list.

How to plan a kid-friendly family vacation in Bristol

Book a room in a bed-and-breakfast

Hotels may be the most popular form of accommodation, but they’re not necessarily the best for families with children. Not only are hotels more expensive, but the environment and room types are more suited for couples rather than families. A B&B Bristol is better in this scenario because bed-and-breakfast type establishments have rooms especially created for families. This way, you won’t be restricted to only 2 beds per room and you won’t have to pay unreasonable charges per bed. What’s more, the rooms in a B&B are larger, the staff is friendlier and you get a delicious breakfast for a better price. Affordability is the primary reason why a bed-and-breakfast is more suitable for families, but there are other benefits involved as well, such as hospitality and room comfort.

The Bristol Zoo is a kid classic

If you want the kids to have a good time, a visit to the Bristol Zoo is the safest bet. In addition to the main exhibits, make sure you also stop by the recently opened Wild Place Project, a special exhibit where kids can look at wolves, zebras and lemurs. Not only is this exhibit educational, but also filled with family fun, so be sure to check it out.

Explore Britain’s maritime past

Bristol is a harbour, so you find many maritime attractions that children love. You can start with a tour of the SS Great Britain, one of Brunel’s best works and a great example of ship architecture. Equally fun is a harbour boat trip: this way, you can see all the boats around the harbour and pass by other attractions as well. If you love taking breathtaking photos, a boat tour should be a must on your list!

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

This event takes place only once a year, usually at the beginning of August, but it’s worth it to plan your entire vacation around it. You can see hundreds of balloons being released up in the air and filling the clear blue sky, take amazing pictures and enjoy fun family activities. Some balloons are shaped like popular cartoon characters and your children will definitely love this. But the best part of the show is at night, when the balloons glow in the dark and offer a fantastic view. There is also an impressive fireworks display at the end, so be sure to stick around for that!