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If you are traveling with your family, the risks are higher because a sudden illness or injury to an adult can leave a minor child without an attendant. Family travel insurance is a great idea for anyone, but especially for families with young children, because you never know what the day can bring. For example, your kid can get chicken pox the day before the departure, and without proper insurance you will lose all the prepaid hotel rooms and flights.
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But how do you get affordable family travel insurance? Although some might think this is easy and all you have to do is visit a comparison website and get the cheapest one, there is a catch. Due to the fact that comparison sites are so popular, there is a fierce competition among providers to keep the prices as low as possible, so they would appear in the top search results.

Because the prices have been falling sharply in the last few years, you can now purchase an annual family travel insurance for approximately 60$. Many might think this is good, but if you look closely at the conditions, you will see that these policies do not offer sufficient coverage. For example, some policies offer $200 coverage for lost or stolen cash while you are on vacation, but the excess is also $200, so it is useless.

Another important aspect is that families have different needs, depending on age, health status, value of the luggage, places they are visiting, activities, and how often they like to travel. Some premiums rise if you are are older than 45. Moreover, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a policy that covers dependent children at college. Before you purchase a family travel insurance, take into account the following factors:

Multi-trip policy. Multi-trip or annual family travel insurance is cheaper than a separate policy for each trip, because it covers all the traveling you do in one year. If you plan to do three or four trips, the multi-trip will save you some money.

Multiple cover. Getting the same policy for a family or a couple is cheaper. For example, you can purchase family travel insurance for two adults, one child aged 16 and one student aged 18 that enables each of you to travel separately.

Standard limits. Before you decide how much protection you need, consider the types of traveling you want to do and research the medical costs in the locations you visit. Many policies attach much higher limits, even if you do not need them. It is important to find a policy that has no less and no more than what you actually need. Make sure you have emergency medical cover, trip cancellation or interruption for prepaid accommodation and baggage insurance.