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Travel insurance is essential for any successful vacation, because it protects you and your family in case of an unforeseen event. A comprehensive policy can include coverage for medical emergencies, medical transportation, canceled or interrupted trips, lost luggage, high-risk activities and pre-existing medical conditions. Applying for a travel insurance online can save you time, but most important, money. However, online application requires documentation so you get coverage that applies to the type of traveling you and your family are doing. Here are the steps you must follow to make sure your financial and personal information is secure:
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Step 1- Research
The first step you must take when purchasing travel insurance online is to visit your insurance provider’s website and check if you can acquire a policy as a current client. If you apply online and you have more than one policy with the same company, you might get a discount. Make sure you look into many types of plans, cost vs. benefits, coverage of provider network and travel vs. health related coverage.

Step 2 – List the travelers
Because online insurance policies are different for traveling families and single travelers, you must list all the persons who will be traveling. If you are traveling with minors, complete the clauses in the application based on whether they will or will not be accompanied. It is also wise to list all the travel destinations, even if you stop for a little while, so the company can determine your rate and cover you in any situation.

Step 3 – Verify coverage restrictions
When you apply for a travel insurance online, it is important to read the policy’s levels of coverage, because some only provide emergency assistance but do not cover further treatment after you have been released. A comprehensive policy must cover any emergency and accident such as lost luggage, car accidents, natural disasters and missed flights. Eliminate the options that do not apply to your trip, for example car rental coverage if you intent to travel by bus.

Step 4 – Provide documentation
If you are suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, you might be required to mail medical records about your health condition. Some insurance carriers require evidence about your current medical state and they can exclude certain coverage for those conditions.

Step 5 – Apply a week before your trip
If you buy travel insurance online, give yourself at least a weak to apply before your departure date. Some online providers will verify the policy immediately after you pay, while others will require 5 days to process your application, especially if you have to send documentation about pre-existing conditions.

Step 6 – Verify if the server is secure
Before you pay for the travel insurance policy, verify if the website has a secure server that keeps your personal and financial information safe. Read their documentation of security measures and security guarantees. Before you complete the application, check the background of the insurer with the Better Business Bureau so you make sure you are using a trustworthy provider.

Step 7 – Print the confirmation email
After you complete the application, you should receive an email that confirms your payment was successfully processed and gives you information about the coverage you’ve purchased. Print the email and the documentation of coverage and take them with you, along with your travel documents.