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Food is and always be the perfect way to make some cultural exchange with other nationalities. A communication channel that all can understand and breaks all linguistic barriers. You don’t have to be a gourmand to enjoy diverse gastronomic experiences. A taste of a nation’s history and past can bring you a little closer to it and even open a new cultural passion. As you might have guessed, England has a rich gastronomic culture, a result of a long colonial history. A compendium of culture and a peak at this nation’s past and interactions with other cultures. Not only England’s colonial past has something to say about the cuisine here, but also the waves of immigrants who seek and found their peace of mind in the friendly United Kingdom. If you ever find yourself in the area, we advise you give some Richmond restaurants a shot and you might be surprised by the diversity you can find. If not a local, always remember some important aspects before you travel to a foreign destination. Travel insurance is something you and your family are mandatory to have. However, below are some of the best restaurants you can find in Richmond upon Thames.

Gourmand travel guide - Richmond upon Thames

Taste of Mogul – a spicy and colorful bit of India

A family run business, Taste of Mogul is a restaurant everybody can find impeccable services, tasty food and special events. A beautiful location embraces the kitchen in which chefs give traditional Indian dished a modern twist. With diverse courses from both India and Bangladesh, a meal at this restaurant can satisfy the tastes of customers in search of a luxurious experience as well as those searching for a primal and simple culinary experience. The restaurant is an award winning location and you can enjoy a remarkable ambience as well as the best Twickenham Tandoori you can find in the proximity.

Orpheus Taverna – a welcoming Greek culinary experience

Besides their welcoming attitude towards visitors, Greeks are well known for their extraordinary cuisine. A family run restaurant, all clients can benefit from an authentic Greek experience, Mediterranean food made with dedication, and served in a private and intimate context. With more than 40 years of experience in delivering tasty courses to locals and tourists, clients can order anything, from a cold starter, called meze.  You can have a bite from the well-known tzatziki, to feta cheese and an avocado and hummus speciality. Part of the main courses are vegetarian friendly, all cooked with fresh ingredients from local suppliers. However, you might want to save your belly for some traditional Greek desserts as well.

Nandos – Portuguese cuisine at the highest standards

Known for their hot and spicy, often grilled cuisine as well as the enthusiastic attitude towards life, Portuguese people seem to do everything better than others. Grilling, spicing up food and creating a unique atmosphere seem to be their cup of tea exactly. Restaurants like Nandos can sure make every culinary experience more personal and intimate with food cooked with passion and dedication.