Family trip – should I choose a Sedan or SUV

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When planning a family trip you thoroughly consider renting a car, but you do not know which model is the right one. Well, you should know that every person has different preferences, and in the majority of cases, you are the one who decides the model of the car suitable for your family needs, without considering other aspects. But if you want to be sure that you will have a great family trip, and that all of you will feel comfortable during your trip, then you should check this article to find out more about the perfect family car for trips. In Edmunds opinion on the 2017 Ford Explorer is the right car for persons who are driving a long distance joined by their family. Here are some things you should know.

Family trip - should I choose a Sedan or SUV

Benefits of travelling with an SUV

If you are the type of family, who like traveling to the mountains, then you will need a lot of storage space, and the SUV offers you the possibility to take a lot of things with you. Also, SUVs offer great height, so they are perfect on bumpy roads. Because safety is crucial when travelling with your family, you want to have a clear image on the traffic, and when driving an SUV you can see over traffic. This will add you more safety, compared with a Sedan. SUVs are more safe and versatile when you go on a camping trip. You can be sure that you will not get stocked on an off-road path with your family.

Benefits of driving a Sedan when travelling

When it comes to travelling with a Sedan, you have the main benefit that you can save money. Features as cruise control, air conditioning, fog lights and a stereo system cost less, when they are included in a Sedan. In addition, you will have an advantageous gas mileage, which might make the difference if you want to have a family trip on a budget. But, the Sedan comes with disadvantages, because if you will be on the road for many days, you will not have enough rooms to store all the things you might need. Every one of the models have their advantages and drawbacks, you are the one who has to check them and decide which one of the, is more suitable to the needs of your family. Do not ignore asking the advice of a specialist, because they can offer you useful tips.