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Up to now, flying by personal jet has seemed an extravagance that only the wealthy could afford. Owing to the increased number of private-jet companies that offer flights at affordable prices, many people have been given the opportunity to enjoy a quality flight experience. What many people don’t know is that choosing to fly with a private plane hire can be cheaper even than budget airlines. Many companies have managed to go into competition with low-cost airlines to the point that now people can get to their destinations in the topmost conditions.

The luxury of comfort

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As opposed to public charters where there are large crowds, private jets can help avoid unnecessary bustling that passengers have to go through in busy commercial airports. When flying with a private plane, the company is equipped with a little terminal called a fixed base operation, so that even if you leave from the hub airport, you will avoid the crowds. In addition to this, they can also be used in order to transport cargo or for medical purposes. This is extremely useful in case you need to ship perishable items or to quickly deliver organs. Moreover, charter companies ensure private parking for passengers, so that they can drive their own cars to the aircraft.

Business purposes

The services of a private charter can be used by both private companies and by individuals who own small businesses. The greatest advantage is the fact that you travel with whomever you want and will not be bothered by annoying people enabling business meetings to be held during the flight. Moreover, nothing will stop you from listening to music or watching a movie. Besides this, the interval of time that is necessary to get to the destination will be minimized owing to the fact that the passenger will not have to go through time-consuming security lines, although the captain is entitled to search the luggage if he wants to.

To sum up, there are many charter companies that charge low fees for hiring a plane and the price does not change depending on the number of passengers.  The passenger has the possibility of visiting as many destinations as they want and the travel experience cannot be compared to regular flights. In addition to this, you can feel just like a star in your own plane!