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Most agencies now offer travel insurance, but despite the fact that their cost is not that high, people choose to ignore them and go on holiday unprotected. The financial aspect is still the most common reason why tourists do not want to pay for insurance, but there are also the ones who think that this form of protection is useless and that nothing will happen to them while away. Unfortunately, getting hurt is not the only think that can go wrong. Problems with transportation can occur with or without intention and it is advisable to have some type of guarantee that you will be reimbursed in case something happens. For example, did you know that the insurance can cover if your transfer Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen is delayed or cancelled?

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When going on vacation to an exotic destination, many tourists choose to also see the surroundings – such as in the case of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, which are quite close to each other. Booking a flight or taking the train is not possible and renting a car to drive there is not convenient. Instead, shuttle services are the perfect choice, because they are both fast and affordable. Most companies in this area are prompt and professional, but that does not mean that accidents do not happen. With most of these services, you have to book a seat online and pay in advance. If the shuttle is late or does not arrive at all, you lose your money, but if you are wise and buy travel insurance, then you can get your money back. But not all problems are caused by the service provider. Sometimes, the tourist is the one that has to cancel because of personal problems, but service providers do not return their money. However, an insurance can. Whether you got hurt or just do not want to leave anymore, you will not have to worry about the paid seat.


Luggage is always a delicate matter when it comes to transportation. When you take the shuttle to your destination, there are not as many risks of losing the luggage as there are with an airline, but your goods can still be damaged during transport. Insurance can again cover the costs, but you have to check whether or not there are any exclusions. Usually, limits apply in the case of items that do not fit in a standard suitcase, such as the surfboard, bicycle or tent. The longer the distance between locations, the more necessary insurance becomes. In the case of Playa del Carmen and Cancun, which are only a one-hour drive away, not many things can happen, but if distance is bigger, then do think of the insurance as a way of safeguarding your health and personal belongings. You should not think of insurance as a nuisance, because you never know when you might need it. Besides, most agencies only charge a small fee for the basic package, so you will not exceed your holiday budget considerably.