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The place you intend to travel to has an impact on the type of holiday travel insurance you need. Travelers who only wish to travel in European countries can purchase a European-only cover, while those who also wish to visit Australia or Africa will need worldwide cover. However, it is possible to extend Europe travel insurance to a wider area if you want to travel further.

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A EU-only policy can be cheaper than worldwide travel insurance because you will be protected within a smaller region. Worldwide insurance can be offered with or without cover to the USA, although those who include this area have more expensive premiums due to the fact that healthcare facilities are more expensive in this country. Travel insurance can minimize the financial risks of traveling, including missed flights, lost baggage, illness, accidents, emergency evacuation, travel companies bankruptcies and theft.

If you are traveling to many European countries, especially those included in the Schengen Area, you will need a good Europe travel insurance. Schengen countries do not issue a visa unless you can provide proof of an insurance policy that meets the minimum requirement. A few years ago, a traveler was required to get a visa for each country he or she wanted to visit. With a Schengen visa you can visit 25 countries.

Most U.S. citizens are insured through their spouse’s employes, a heath insurance plan or the spouse’s employer. However, they are not covered outside of the country or they are only partially covered and at risk for out of pocket expenses. Emergency evacuation and reparation which are required in the Schengen area are not covered. You will need a comprehensive Europe travel insurance that covers all possible scenarios. In some cases, a visa letter that indicates you have proper insurance is required.

The U.S. Travel Insurance Association reveals the fact that only 30 percent of Americans buy travel insurance before going on a trip. About 50 percent are not aware of medical evacuation insurance or baggage coverage. A comprehensive policy is essential for a successful vacation, because it protects you and your loved ones from major illness or injuries that can result in great financial debt. Your Europe travel insurance policy should cover trip cancellation and interruption, if you prepaid for your transportation and accommodation, medical emergencies, baggage coverage, in case you carry expensive equipment, emergency evacuation, any pre-existing conditions and high risk activities you plan to do, including winter sports. If you are backpacking, your Europe travel insurance should include a backpackers option. Make sure you include all the locations you are traveling to.