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A cruise can be a spectacular experience filled with adventure, fun, beautiful destinations and new discoveries. However, most people don’t realize that once the cruise ship leaves the port, they are no longer covered for medical expenses. In order to fully enjoy your holiday, make sure you purchase a good cruise travel insurance. The cost of health care outside of the country or on the ship are very expensive and can reach $5,000 per day. Medication, consultations and treatments on board are charged at private rates, according to each company. Although some travel insurance companies cover you while you are on a cruise, if you are traveling for more than a couple of days you may have to purchase an additional cruise cover or a policy from a company specialized in cruise insurance.
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What are the risks?

There are many unexpected events that can take place while you are on a cruise. For example, you can miss the cruise departure because of a delayed flight, a traffic accident or a sick family member. In case this happens, you will lose all the money invested in the holiday. Travel suppliers can also cancel the trip because of financial difficulties you are not aware of ahead of time and cease all operations. In this case, is it highly unlikely you will recover all your travel costs. Furthermore, your luggage can get lost or delayed. Although this doesn’t happen very often, you are exposed to the risk. Your belongings and travel documents can also get stolen or damaged. Another common thing that can happen is a medical emergency at sea. If you or your child become ill or get hurt, and the ship does not have all the necessary equipment to handle it, you will have to be evacuated to the nearest hospital. If you are not covered by a cruise travel insurance, your trip can transform from a great experience to a nightmare.

What type of coverage do you need?

A comprehensive cruise travel insurance should cover you for all the situations presented above, along with cover for pre-existing conditions and high-risk activities such as parasailing and scuba diving. Make sure your policy includes Cancel for any reason coverage so you can be reimbursed for all pre-paid travel expenses if you have to cancel the cruise before its departure. Besides the basic medical coverage for illness, accidents and medical emergencies, you will also need dental coverage. Evacuation coverage will pay for medical transportation and repatriation of remains. It will also get you home after you have been treated. Trip interruption coverage is important in case you have to interrupt the cruise because of an emergency at home. If you include this option to your cruise travel insurance, any pre-payed travel expenses will be refunded. Most policies also provide worldwide travel assistance services for travelers who need translation, travel assistance, or their identification restored.