Best road trip ideas and the best car for each

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What does it take to plan the perfect vacation? For some, months of research, booking plane tickets, looking up train schedules and comparing hotel offers. For some, the perfect vacation is just a reliable car and an open road ahead. Road trips are, without a doubt, the perfect alternative to conventional tourism, because you get to experience many stunning locations off the beaten path and travel at your own pace, staying in each destination for as long as you want. In general, road trips aren’t that expensive or complicated to plan (which is why so many young people love them), but you have one major thing to worry about before hitting the road: the car. There are different types roads to travel and for each there is a matching vehicle, which you may or may not already have. You can easily solve this problem by looking into local budget rentals and renting a suitable car for your road trip. Here are the most popular models for each one:

Best road trip ideas and the best car for each

The romantic Italian road trip

Italy has so much more to offer apart from overcrowded cities like Rome, Naples and Florence. In fact, many travel afficinodos are convinced that the most charming cities in Italy are the tiny ones hidden at the base of the mountains or near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Very few tourists get here, because there are no airports in these cities, sometimes not even train stations. However, most of them are just a short drive away from a major city, so you can easily rent a car to get there and discover true Italy. Collodi, Castelluccio, Belluno are just three of lesser known romantic destinations you should see. For this type of road trip, you need to rent a small car that can fit on the small cobbled Italian streets, such as a Fiant Panda or Honda Fit.

The American road trip  

North America is already well known for its huge, wide, scenic highways that stretch for hundreds of miles. Florida Keys, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Route 12 and, of course, the Blues Highway, are just some examples of the roads that every true motor enthusiast should drive on at least once in their life. For them, there is no better vehicle than a sports car. Ask your car rental company if they have vehicles from brands such as Mazda, Porsche and Chevrolet. These are capable of reaching impressive top speeds and will take your road trip to a whole new level.

The adventurous journey

Last, but not least, you can go on a road trip to a more secluded area, far from civilization. Certain roads in Central and South America or South Africa are perfect for this, so get ready to release your inner adventurer. Be careful, though, because these exotic, off-beat roads aren’t always in the best condition and you’ll often come across difficult terrain with rocks, mud or water. A regular car cannot handle these conditions, so you’ll have to rent a larger 4×4 vehicle that also offers plenty of luggage space.