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Travel insurance is a policy intended to cover financial default or travel suppliers, medical expenses, high-risk activities, luggage and other losses during a trip to a foreign country or within the country of residence. A temporary insurance arranged at the time of the booking can cover the exact duration of a holiday, while annual travel insurance can cover an unlimited number of trips within a time frame at a lower price.

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Annual travel insurance is tailored for the needs of the frequent traveler and covers both long and short trips. This policy covers trips of up to one month and can be extended if you change your plans, as long as the total duration does not exceed 12 months. It is ideal for those who want the freedom to travel anywhere in the world without having to worry about unpredictable events. If you are planning to travel several times during the year, an annual insurance can save you a substantial amount of money. Furthermore, families and couples can purchase a policy that allows everyone to travel separately.

The annual travel insurance has many benefits, including worldwide cover, one payment that covers any number of trips, cover for extended periods of time, cover for winterpsorts, high-risk activities and multi-lingual emergency helplines. The most common risks covered by an annual policy include medical emergencies, trip cancellation or interruption, emergency evacuation, accidental injury, return of a minor, travels delays due to weather, lost, damaged baggage or personal items, missed flight connections and delayed baggage.

Moreover, you can choose separate options for specific costs, such as travel to high-risk countries, pre-existing conditions, 3rd party supplier insolvency and acute on-set of pre-existing conditions. Acute on-set of pre-existing conditions refers to an unexpected sudden occurrence of pre-existing conditions without any prior warning from a doctor. It is important to get this coverage if you suffer from an illness, so you can be protected in case of an emergency situation. Nevertheless, many best-buy policies exclude important elements like the acute on-set of pre-existing conditions, injury or illness caused by drug or alcohol use, pregnancy related expenses after the first trimester, war and terrorism, so make sure you check the small print.

Although annual travel insurance is complex and sometimes confusing, it is something you will need on the road, especially if you are a frequent traveler. With just a few extra dollars per day, you can be protected oversees from any event that can leave w hole in your travel budget. It is a small price to pay and you will be very thankful when you need it.