All you need to know about boutique hotels in the Lake District

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The concept of boutique hotels was popularized in the 1980s in the United Kingdom and it referred to a select accommodation establishment offering great facilities and conditions, but in a small space. Boutique hotel usually have less than 100 rooms, which sets them apart from other accommodation options, which means that sometimes they are a bit difficult to book. They are not to be confused with bed & breakfasts, which have less than 10 rooms. Design is what sets them apart and it is not uncommon for some establishments to become tourist attractions themselves due to their quirky and chic interiors. Boutique hotels seem to have been made for the charming area surrounding the Lake District in the UK, which is famous for its picturesque sights and family-friendly attractions. If you are planning a trip to the Lake District and are considering Lake District boutique hotels as an accommodation option, here are some essential things you should know about them.

All you need to know about boutique hotels in the Lake District

What can you expect in terms of facilities and service?


Boutique hotel owners spare no expense when it comes to pampering their guests. Typically owned by designers, artists or art aficionados, boutique hotels stand out due to their design and upscale facilities. These hotels might be small, but they have everything you need to feel like a star. In the Lake District, they are usually built in the shabby chic or rural style, welcoming tourists who want a break from city life, but do not want to compromise on comfort. Service is also unparalleled. Since such hotels only have a small number of guests, the staff can cater to all their needs. If you choose this accommodation option, you will not feel the typical cold and distant attitude that normal hotel staff have. In fact, they are used to accommodation celebrities and local figures, so they know how to make guests feel welcome.


Boutique hotels prices


Compared to other accommodation options in the area, boutique hotels are a bit more expensive, but you can definitely notice the difference in comfort. However, they are definitely not as expensive as luxury hotels, so if you are looking for the perfect balance between facilities and cost, they are definitely the best choice. There is only a handful of boutique hotels in the Lake District, but these are all reliable and spending your vacation there is worth it.


Tips on finding the best rooms


As mentioned previously, boutiques have a limited number rooms and, given that both them and the Lake District region are gaining popularity, you might not manage to find any last minute vacancies. Summer is the most popular time of the year in the Lake District, so, to make sure you are able to book a room, you can either visit it off-season, during spring and autumn, or make a reservation long before the day of your visit.