5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Trailer Insurance

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Travel trailer insurance, also called auto trailer insurance or camper trailer insurance, is a specialized plan that usually includes emergency assistance and may cover travel expenses or temporary housing in case your trailer needs repairs. If you are planning to buy a trailer or are already enjoying the camper lifestyle, you need to consider any unexpected events. This way you will have peace on mind while on a trip and also save money in the long run.
5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Trailer Insurance 5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Trailer Insurance Picture

There are many plans that include total travel trailer loss replacement, 24/7 roadside assistance, fire, flood and theft protection, debris removal coverage, emergency expenses reimbursement, fire department service fees and low-branch collision coverage. Some travel trailer insurance policies have diminishing deductibles, meaning that your deductibles can go down for every year if you do not make a claim. Here are 5 reasons why you need to insure a trailer:

1. A car insurance does not cover a trailer accident

Most car insurance policies have minimum coverage for trailers. However, you can add travel trailer insurance to a vehicle policy and get some extra protection, even if this optional package is not as specific or complete as it should be. The extra benefits included in a comprehensive auto trailer insurance policy will make a huge difference if you need to make a claim.

2. Travel trailer insurance covers emergency assistance and repairs

Because you will be going long distances away from home, it is possible for your trailer to break down. In this case, you will need towing, repairs and overnight stay at a hotel. Travel trailer insurance does can not only cover problems with the vehicle itself, but it covers all related expenses as well. A standard policy will pay for a loaner vehicle, a tow and some of the repairs.

3. Replacement of personal items

Similar to a homeowner’s insurance, auto trailer insurance covers your personal items. If you lose your possessions in an accident, the insurance company will replace or repair them. This way you are financially protected in any situation, especially if you carry expensive electronic equipment.

4. Some people choose to make their trailer a permanent home

Many people, for example retirees, choose to make their trailer a permanent residence so they can see the world. The good news for them is that travel trailer insurance will still cover them against vandalism, storm damage and other situations included in the package. It will even repair frozen water pipes, broken windows and other hazards.

5. Liability coverage

A travel trailer insurance policy can also provide some liability coverage in case someone gets hurts inside your trailer. Even these events are rare, a person can get injured while entering or leaving the trailer. If the person suffered an injury, he or she can sue you. If this happens, the insurance will take care of the claims and you will avoid a major financial loss.