Either you are planning a trip around the globe, a family holiday in the USA or a backpacking trip through Europe, here you will learn everything you need to know about travel insurance and other related maters such as coverage limits, exclusions and claiming.
Either you are planning a trip around the globe, a family holiday in the USA or a backpacking trip through Europe, here you will learn everything you need to know about travel insurance and other related maters such as coverage limits, exclusions and claiming.

Insure your car before travelling to Mexico

  If you plan to travel to Mexico, then you might have planned everything. People usually book the hotel and restaurants ahead, but they do not check the paperwork, when it comes to travelling by car. If you plan to travel by car, then you should check the requirements of driving a car in Mexico,

Vehicle travel insurance – Should you or should you not?

  When you’re planning a road trip throughput the country, most likely you’ll have to figure out all the small details by yourself. This is why many claim that collaborating with a travel agency may, in fact, be just perfect. But it steals away the joy of planning yourself the entire intricate process. While you

Taking a look at the most prevailing travel insurance misconceptions

  If you’re planning on taking a trip to Florida or Mexico, you’ve got no choice but to get travel insurance. When travelling abroad, you need protection in case something happens. Unexpected events can include everything from becoming ill to losing your luggage. The whole point of a cover policy is to minimize pocket losses

Best road trip ideas and the best car for each

What does it take to plan the perfect vacation? For some, months of research, booking plane tickets, looking up train schedules and comparing hotel offers. For some, the perfect vacation is just a reliable car and an open road ahead. Road trips are, without a doubt, the perfect alternative to conventional tourism, because you get

Popular and cheap destinations around the world

  Taking a vacation represents the most beneficial decision for your health and entertainment because you have the opportunity to broaden your horizons, find your peace of mind, discover different cultures and meet new people. Finding the perfect destination that does not require a great amount of money probably represents one of the main goals

Vehicle travel insurance – do you need it?

When you buy a plane ticket, the travel agency asks you if you would like to add travel insurance. However, when you’re planning on travelling for miles across the country, there’s no one there to ask you what you want to do. You have to figure out things on your own. If you’ve purchased a

Reliving your childhood: Why theme parks are top traveling destinations

Summer is that time of the year when traveling becomes incredibly appealing. Summer vacations are usually planned, as soon as you return from them and each year, you want to do something different, something out of the ordinary. When traveling with your family, different is not necessarily equivalent with adventure and excitement, unless you discover

Culinary mistakes to avoid when travelling

  When travelling, people tend to do plenty of mistakes with their culinary choices. Being in a new place prevents us from choosing the best places to eat at affordable prices. This way, they end up eating overpriced unhealthy foods. However, Clever Geek Restaurant Directory claims that there are plenty of solutions for preventing such

Taking your car abroad? Make sure you have insurance

Are you planning your next trip to Europe? If the answer is yes, then you need to get travel insurance. Just like in America, your driver’s license and car insurance go hand in hand abroad. Not getting vehicle travel insurance is the dumbest thing you can do. You may wonder why. The answer is simple,

How can a PR agency positively influence a hotel business?

PR and marketing services have become quite an essential tool for many businesses out there, especially in the travel industry. Considering how competitive the market is, and how many great hotels already exist out there, managing to create awareness for a hotel that has just opened can be challenging. If you are in this situation

Bucket list must have – A yachting experience

  Thinking about those things you want to experience in this life becomes easier if you have a bucket list. Yet another list for the busy millennial, we know. And when it comes to unique experiences one should have in their lifetime, sailing is one of them. Only think of what kind of vibe this

How to make your vacation in Ibiza memorable

An vacation in Ibiza is for sure something memorable. But if you pay attention to a couple of small aspects before it, you might be able to make it even greater. Ibiza has the greatest nightclubs in the world, of course, but why wouldn’t you enjoy your own night party with a great sound system,

Peacehaven: the perfect location to relax

Travelling is not just about getting to know the world. Contrary to what some might believe, exotic destinations are not the only thing in travelling. They might capture the eye faster than others, but that certainly does not mean that they are better. Sometimes, you just want to relax nothing more. You want to go

A guide for your first Mekong river cruise

Once you begin to search for the ideal holiday, it is impossible not to come across the famous Mekong river cruises. This type of vacation has become incredibly popular lately, offering tourists the possibility of enjoying both luxury and exciting adventures. If you have indeed decided to opt for a Mekong river tour Vietnam yourself,

Family trip – should I choose a Sedan or SUV

When planning a family trip you thoroughly consider renting a car, but you do not know which model is the right one. Well, you should know that every person has different preferences, and in the majority of cases, you are the one who decides the model of the car suitable for your family needs, without

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